Custom Uniform Program for
Your Arena, Stadium, or Convention Center

Patriot® Uniforms has just completed the design of a Uniform package for one of the Major Sports arenas in the United States. Here's how we plan to meet your needs. We will identify the 4 to 6 most important requirements for your company and tailor a program for you.


To design and manufacture a unique, comprehensive, Custom Uniform Program for your specific Arena.


·         Portray sophistication and style.

·         Create instant authority recognition for event staff.

o        Military styles with appliqués, braiding, and epaulettes will be selected to add instant authority recognition.

o        The uniform design will make the staff proud of their appearance which will enhance staff's desire to wear the Uniform.

·         Provide instant management recognition for supervisors.

o        Authoritative colors and modified designs will be selected for supervisor uniforms to distinguish themselves from the event staff.

·         Adapt seasonally.

o        Flexibility will be incorporated into the design to facilitate seasonality needs.

o        All uniforms are made in the USA to maximize flexibility of production schedules.

·         Be acceptable to all body types of staff and supervisors.

o        Attention to details will make the uniforms more comfortable. For example:

§         Pants: non-slip waistband allow for ease of wear.

§         Jackets: Extra large armholes allow for ease of access.

§         Chain closures: Accommodate staff's different size allowing for better flexibility.

o        Fabric will be selected to provide maximum comfort.

o        Fabric will be selected to provide improved wearability time.

o        Fabric will be selected to reduce likeliness to rip, pill or be torn during normal wear.

o        Fabric will be selected to increase life of the Uniform during the dry cleaning phase.

o        Fabric will be selected to provide longer lasting design integrity.

o        Optional style changes will offer individuality.

·         Offer affordability.

o        Our operational staff will develop a manufacturing plan to increase efficiencies and save cost, using the best facilities to ensure quality.

o        State of the art computer cutting systems will be used to insure maximum fabric utilization and quality cutting.

o        Fabric will be purchased through our extensive buying channels to provide significant savings on material, freight and inspection cost.

o        Final colors chosen will add sophistication and style without the normal high custom color charges.

o        Fabric selected will balance style with affordability.

o        Excess fabric will be used in creative ways to reduce overall fabric needs and therefore, cost.

o        In-house inspectors will uncover sub-standard fabric prior to manufacturing to reduce fabric waste.

o        All Uniforms will be made in the USA to maximize cost effectiveness.



·         With Patriot® Uniforms extensive expertise, we are able to provide custom designs at affordable prices.

o        In-house design staff will customize uniforms at no extra charge.

o        Seasonal needs will be incorporated into the overall design to maximize efficiencies and keep final cost within budget.

o        Attention to detail during all facets of the design and manufacturing process will be incorporated to contain cost.

o        Quality control personnel will routinely inspect uniforms during the production process to insure that fabric and trim are not wasted; quality is maintained; and cost contained.

·         Our experts will:

o        Educate your staff on why the uniforms were selected.

o        Train your staff on the proper way to wear their uniform.

o        Teach your staff how to best care for their uniforms.

Patriot® Uniforms Strengths

·         Why choose Patriot® Uniforms by Weintraub Brothers?

o        We have produced over five million (5,000,000) first-quality uniforms.

o        We are the worlds largest manufacturer of US Military Uniforms to the Army and Air Force Exchange Services.

o        We manufacture to strict US Military specifications.

o        We have been in the Dress Uniform business since 1917.

o        We have an International reputation for quality and service.

o        We have world wide recognition with our Patriot® label.

o        We have an extensive Design, Source and Production capability.

o        We have the desire and ability to satisfy all your Uniform needs.

The Next Step

·         What are the steps necessary to start creating your new Custom Uniform Program?

o        Choose Patriot® Uniforms as your Uniform supplier.

o        Determine the Quantities required.

o        Establish budget.

o        Meet with our designers to select style(s).

o        Finalize colors and fabrics.

o        Develop delivery schedule.

o        Write the order.

Contact Patriot® Uniforms for additional information or to start the process.

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