by Tom Weintraub
Weintraub Brothers

What makes a PATRIOT a PATRIOT?

By Definition, uniform means "everything the same." How can we innovate, set new standards or introduce new ideas in anything as standardized as a military uniform? After all, don't all uniforms, regardless of manufacture, look alike?

Not if you look closely.

In a PATRIOT uniform, for example, you'll find countless tiny innovations and improvements. Since the company was founded in 1917, we've sought ways to improve our uniforms within the standards prescribed by the military services.

Take the cut of the uniform, for example. The services provide us with patterns for many of the uniforms we make. But we don't just follow those patterns: we study each one and take full advantage of the leeway we're allowed to alter them. (In fact, we keep a full-time designer on staff, aided by a computer, to do just that.) The result is the improved fit and more comfortable feel which cause military people, like you, to prefer a PATRIOT uniform.

Over the years, Weintraub has pioneered many features found in today's PATRIOT brand (and sometimes imitated by our competition) which are designed not only to make you look your best but to help your clothing dollar go as far as possible.

Many PATRIOT uniforms are made with bound buttonholes and double-lined pockets to keep your uniform serviceable longer. And quilted jacket linings and lined trousers give your uniform a better fit --- and help it keep its shape through repeated dry cleanings.

At a glance, our uniforms may look the same. But a close look at any PATRIOT uniform from the rack in your Exchange will tell you that we're not the same as other uniforms.

And we're continually improving.

We're now fully operational in a modern, new, one-level facility. It's designed specifically for the manufacture, warehousing, and shipment of clothing. We're in the process of installing state-of-the-art cutting equipment that will make our uniforms even more accurate in fit, sizing, and detail. And our skilled designers continue to look for new ways to make PATRIOT uniforms a better choice for you ---- including new garments and new features for our existing uniforms.

What makes a PATRIOT a PATRIOT? Our commitment to continually exceed our own standards --- and to give you a uniform worthy of the name.

(Reprinted from the "PATRIOT " newsletter, spring 1992)